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Relays feature low input drive

Possessing an input drive as low as 2mA and switching speeds of less than 0.5ms, Avago Technologies’ new ASSR- 301C/302C and ASSR- 401C/402C solid-state relays are targeted at applications that require low power consumption and high system throughput. Such applications include those involving sensing and multiplexing, for instance, test-and-measurement and data-acquisition systems.

The relays deliver low off-state capacitance of less than 15pF for good signal isolation and low on-resistance for less insertion loss. In addition, low offstate leakage of less than 10nA reduces system measurement errors. Qualified performance is possible over a temperature range of -40 to +85ºC, while high transient immunity is greater than 1kV/s, with a high of 3.75kV in insulation protection in a miniature SO-4 package.

The ASSR-301C and ASSR- 401C are single-channel, 1 Form A relays that are housed in a SO4 package. The ASSR- 302C and ASSR-402C are dualchannel, 2 Form A relays that come in a standard DIP8 footprint. Complementary to the ASSR-301C is the low on-resistance ASSR-321R, an SO-4 version of the earlier launched ASSR-322R. It will also become available together with the new family members.

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