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Electronic Design

Semiconductor Switch Line Switches Up To 175 mA

A new line of three-terminal semiconductor switches, the QBAR ICs, can be used to control fans and alarms, shunt currents during hot-swapping, and perform other applications. These solid-state, normally closed switches also function as noninverting digital transistors and as solid-state replacements for normally closed, nonisolating relays. They're meant to simplify wiring and provide improved fail/safe performance in the event of power loss. Available in SOT-23, TO-92, and TO-220 packages, these devices do not require a separate power-supply lead. Their logic level is controlled by 20 µA. They also have a CMOS TTL-comparable Schmitt-trigger input and hysteresis, while switching 175 mA at up to 20 V DC in 2 µs. Available now, the QBAR ICs' pricing varies based on configuration and quantity.

BitParts Inc., 56 Union Ave., P.O. Box 617, Sudbury, MA 01776; (978) 443-5720; fax (978) 443-5744; [email protected];

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