Electronic Design

Small 2.4-GHz Transmitter Broadcasts Video Up To 500 Ft.

Measuring just 63 by 32 by 28 mm, the BNC-TX wireless transmitter module attaches directly to the BNC output of almost all security cameras on the market today. It eliminates the need for long runs of coax in areas where hard wiring isn't possible. Also, it transmits video at 2.4 GHz at distances up to 500 ft. With four selectable frequencies, up to four separate cameras can be used in the same area without interference. Separate transmitter modules requiring separate wiring aren't necessary. The BNC-TX comes with a Y adapter for power so any 12-V dc camera and the module can run off the same transformer. Available from stock, it costs $109.95.

Polaris Industries
www.polarisusa.com; (800) 752-3571

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