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Tiny Microphones And Speakers Target Speech-Recognition Applications

Speech-recognition applications can take advantage of the SCB-13A series of dynamic speakers and the MAB-06A-B, MAA-06A-B, and MAA-06A-P microphones. The three omnidirectional microphones have a 58-dB minimum signal-to-noise ratio. The MAB-06A-B has a -44-dB sensitivity, while the MAA-06A-B and MAA-06A-P have a -42-dB sensitivity. All three also weigh just 0.5 g. The MAB-06A-B measures 6 mm in circumference and 1.5 mm high, and the MAA-06A-B and MAA-06A-P measure 6 mm in circumference and 2 mm high.

Both speakers have broad frequency response characteristics, including wide resonant peaks that permit the creation of numerous audio tones. The Type A wideband speaker has an 810-Hz resonance frequency and a 90-dB loudness. The Type B SPL dynamic speaker has an 850-Hz resonance frequency and 92-dB loudness. The SCB-13A models both have a 13-mm circumference and 2.5-mm height, and they're available with coil or leaf spring contacts.

Pricing for all models is $1.50 or less in OEM quantities. Delivery is six to 12 weeks ARO.

Star Micronics America
www.starmicronics.com; (800) STAR-OEM, ext. 523

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