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Variable-Capacitance Accelerometer Measures Low-Level Accelerations

The 7292-XM1 uses variable-capacitance microsensors to measure low-level accelerations in rugged aerospace and automotive environments. With its response to dc accelerations (steady-state events), it can measure whole-body motion immediately after being subjected to shock motion and in the presence of severe vibration inputs. Specific models range from 2 to 100 g full-scale, and higher or special ranges are available. Over-range stops are provided as well. The 7292-XM1 features shunt calibration and a stainless-steel, hermetically sealed case. A 30-in. cable also is included. The device operates from a 10-V dc source and provides a ±2-V differential, dc-coupled, low-impedance output. Insensitive to magnetic fields, the 7292-XM1 requires a warmup time of only 1 ms. Pricing is $1245 each for one to five units, $1210 for six to 10 units, and $1170 for 11 to 24 units.

www.endevco.com; (949) 493-8181

TAGS: Automotive
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