Chipset Cuts External Part Count By 25%

The XPhase family of scalable multiphase converter chipsets welcomes a new member with the introduction of the IR3500 Control IC and IR3505 Phase IC. Developed by International Rectifier, the new XPhase chipset provides a flexible way to implement a complete Intel or AMD CPU power solution. With simple six-bit voltage programming, the IR3500 can be easily configured for use in general-purpose, multiphase applications.

The chipset reduces external component count by 25%, which combined with a higher switching frequency, reduces the powertrain area by 45% in a fivephase design compared to previous generation technology. The solution features the IRF6622 and IRF6628 DirectFET power MOSFETs to achieve a 2% efficiency improvement compared to competing solutions, according to the company.

The chipset also has programmable dynamic voltage identification (VID) slew rate, programmable VID offset and load line output impedance, hiccup overcurrent protection with delay to prevent false triggering, and simplified power-good output to indicate correct operation and prevent false triggering.

TAGS: Intel
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