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Electronic Design Update: March 12, 2008

Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter |   March 12, 2008
NI Data Loggers -- Any Sensor, Any Project
National Instruments C Series data loggers combine rugged, modular hardware with flexible software to create data loggers you can use as stand-alone systems, portable data loggers, or PC-connected data loggers. View customer case studies, tutorials, and how-to content for in-vehicle, structural monitoring, and more. Search by application or product.

industry view |
The Hardware Acceleration Market Needs Open Industry Standards To Evolve
By Prabhat K. Gupta, Nash Palaniswamy
Intel Corp.

The importance of hardware-based acceleration is growing for specialized computing applications whose performance requirements exceed the capabilities of general-purpose CPUs. Couching algorithms in silicon can deliver orders-of-magnitude improvements in speed for cryptography, real-time video, 3D imaging, IP telephony, and other science, engineering, and business applications.

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Our editors have been busy! Come read their commentaries and check out exclusive videos from the Mobile World Congress, APEC, and Embedded World exhibitions and see the technology of tomorrow from major players in the electronics industry.

focus on embedded hardware |
I/O Platform Advances Mobile Applications

Embarking as the Quicklogic's next-generation customer-specific standard product (CSSP) platform, the PolarPro II offers a compact, optimized I/O structure, increased responsiveness for its Very Low Power (VLP) mode, and greater embedded SRAM configurability.

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design solution |
Verify SoCs Faster And More Predictably With SystemVerilog And Constrained-Random Stimuli
By Henry Angulo, Praveen Devulapalli, et al.
Synopsy Inc. and Texas Instruments

Verifying the integration and operation of new IP in a legacy system-on-a-chip (SoC) becomes challenging. This is true particularly when the legacy SoC environment was built using a directed test methodology and validation of new IP requires corner case stimuli to achieve required functional coverage.

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Engineering TV |
Environmentally Conscious Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade combines a Li-ion battery pack with a small-displacement BLUETEC diesel engine, which together help it achieve a fuel economy of more than 110 miles per gallon.

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news from the editors |
Process Perfected For Cost-Effectively Making Large Sheets Of Carbon Nanotubes

Commercial carbon-nanotube (CNT) technology has taken a major step forward, going from research in the lab to production in the factory. Nanocomp Technologies Inc. has successfully produced 3- by 6-ft sheets of single-walled CNTs, which is a significant production milestone.

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Oscilloscope Trio Attacks High-Speed Serial Data And RF Testing

Have you ever had the feeling that your scope wasn't up to the measurement tasks you need to complete? If so, join the club. Virtually every digital bus has gone serial, and the data speeds keep rising relentlessly.

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Monitor Multiple Sensors With A Single IC

In a world where sensors monitor other sensors, the ability to condition multiple sensor inputs using a single IC makes sense. The multisensor interface circuit (MUSic) from ZMD America fits these applications.

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Garmin Picks ST SoC For New Nav Systems

Garmin has chosen STMicroelectronics' Cartesio automotive-grade application processor for use in a range of new navigation systems, including the nüvi 205.

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quick poll |
In our March 27 cover story, Technology Editor Daniel Harris will look at the state of robotics technology. Which development will we need to see the most before we get a robot in every home?

  • Less expensive sensors
  • Better development software
  • Smarter artificial intelligence
  • More engineers to design the technology
  • Government support

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Free Whitepaper from Datalight
Whether you're considering a move to embedded Linux, or you're fully immersed in embedded Linux development, there are steps you can take to ensure a successful project and avoid some of the common pitfalls of working with flash in this environment. Download this free whitepaper to learn more about ways to make your embedded Linux projects successful. Register now!

product picks online |
IGBTs Trim Thermal Resistance

LCD Controllers Relish Rugged Environments

Narrow Switchers Meet UL508

PXI Controllers Outfit Hybrid Test Systems

ZIF Sockets Maintain Signal Integrity For 0.5-mm Pitch SOICs

engineer's resource |
Webinar: Improving The Accuracy Of Eye Pattern Measurements
Presented by LeCroy
April 9 at 2 pm ET

While eye patterns are a commonly used for signal-integrity analysis, they provide limited usable information about signal integrity. Without very large numbers of measurement samples, testing against compliance masks can lead to ambiguous results. Furthermore, common measurements of signal parameters such as eye height are of limited value at high signal rates due to the complex statistics of the signal amplitude.

This Web seminar, presented by LeCroy Business Development Manager, Michael Schnecker, will describe the limitations of eye-pattern testing and some of the more important eye-based measurements. A measurement technique using the normalized q-scale method from jitter analysis and expanded to two dimensions will be described and its application to mask testing and signal measurements will be demonstrated.

If you work on high bit-rate serial-data signals above approximately 3 Gb/s or are interested in signal integrity measurement, this free seminar is for you.

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upcoming industry events |
IPC Printed Circuits Expo
Las Vegas, Nev.
March 30 - April 3

CTIA Wireless 2008
Las Vegas, Nev.
April 1-3

Improving The Accuracy Of Eye Pattern Measurements
April 9

ED bookstore |
Embedded Hardware: Know It All
By Jack Ganssle, et al.

Overall, the book was a nice reminder of all the topics and techniques needed by an embedded designer especially when dealing with both hardware and software. The target is definitely on the hardware side but it does not over look the software aspects or board design issues.

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