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Electronic Design Update: October 8, 2008

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Held in Las Vegas from 10-13 January 2009, IEEE CCNC features presentations on Wireless Networking for Consumer Electronics, Personal Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, Entertainment & Multimedia Networking, Peer-to-Peer and Content Delivery, Emerging Applications & Pervasive Technologies, and Security for CE Communications. In additional to its outstanding technical program, IEEE CCNC offers Technology Applications Panels, Special Sessions, Tutorials, Workshops, Demonstrations, and several networking events. As a bonus, every full registration includes One Complementary Tutorial!
For more information, visit www.ieee-ccnc.org/2009

mark david's roadmap |
VIDEO: Under The Hood Of The Tesla Roadster
By Mark David, Group Editorial Director

After the test drive, I had a serendipitous interview with Tesla’s CTO, J.B. Straubel, during MIT’s annual Emerging Technology conference. In the video interview, Straubel shares info about the upcoming Tesla sedan and the new factory slated to be built in San Jose.

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commentary |
Samsung HDD Touts Highest Storage, Smallest Footprint
By Roger Allan, Contributing Editor

It’s astonishing to say the least. Samsung’s Spinpoint M6 hard-disk drive (HDD) packs 500 Gbytes of storage into a single 2.5-in. hard-disk drive (HDD) in a standard 9.5-mm height with a 3.0 Gbit/s SATA interface, in what may be the best pound-for-pound HDD out there.

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lab bench online |
Small Packages For .Net Micro Framework

Microsoft’s .Net Micro Framework targets compact, single chip microcontrollers. Technology Editor Bill Wong takes a look at.Net Micro Framework platforms from Design Solutions and SJJ Micro.

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engineer's resource |
Vote For The Best IFD And Leapfrog

We’re wondering which IFDs and Leapfrogs are your favorites. What articles do you consider to be the most innovative, or the most helpful to you from the past calendar year? Just take a look at the list of IFDs and Leapfrogs and pick the ones that you think are worthy of recognition. The ballot closes on October 17. The winning IFD and Leapfrog will be presented in our December 1st Best Electronic Design Issue, where our Technology Editors will offer added commentary on each article.

One Powerful Day
Power Electronics Technology and the Electronic Design Group bring the latest in power design information direct to you, the power designer, with the premier of One Powerful Day, a free online conference with a full day of top speakers on top topics via Web conferencing. The conference brings you up to date on the latest in power design, and you can pick and choose the free sessions that benefit you the most.

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IFD of the week |
Narrow-Shift Digital Discriminator Detects Differential GPS Corrections

The U.S. Coast Guard transmits differential corrections to GPS signals (DGPS) via low-frequency (285- to 325-kHz) beacons. Transmission data rates are 100 or 200 bits/s. The modulation is minimum-shift keying (MSK), resulting in a pseudo frequency-shift keying (FSK) with a carrier shift of half the bit rate. For a 100-bits/s signal, the carrier shift is only ±25 Hz. With a receiver IF frequency of 1 kHz, the IF signal shifts between 975 and 1025 Hz. The two data tones correspond to times of 1026 µs and 976 µs, respectively.

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Learn how to improve the power accuracy of receiver tests
Testing to WiMAXTM standards, this application note from Agilent tells how power measurement inaccuracy affects receiver tests, and shows you how to use external variable attenuators to increase both accuracy and speed in power calibration.
Click here to learn more and download the note.

video of the week |
Agilent's New PXB MIMO Receiver Tester

Agilent Technologies' Chris Johnston provides the rundown on the N5106A PXB MIMO receiver tester. Watch it now...

Engineering TV |
Earthquake Shake Table

At Colorado State University, civil engineering professor Dr. John van de Lindt conducted a series of earthquake shake table tests of a half-scale two-story residential building with an integrated one-car garage as part of a National Science Foundation funded NEESWood project related to seismic protection systems. The overall goal of the task is to enable applications of protective systems to woodframe buildings by integrating them into the performance-based seismic design philosophy developed within the project as a whole.

news from the editors |
Breakthrough In Skin-Like Optical Sensing Foils

Building on last year’s rigid-surface development, INTEC reports that it has produced the first functional optical links embedded in a flexible substrate. INTEC is IMEC’s associated laboratory at Ghent University. With this technique, it becomes possible to make foils that sense changes in pressure.

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Partnership Aims To Speed 32-, 28-nm SoC Design

A group of semiconductor industry firms are collaborating to develop a common design platform for 32- and 28-nm systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) designs. The platform will be based on IBM’s high-k metal-gate (HKMG) technology. Joining IBM are ARM, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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WirelessHART Wins International Approval

With the National Committees of 29 countries participating in the balloting, the International Electrotechnical Commission has approved the WirelessHART Communication Specification (HART 7.1) as a Publicly Available Specification (IEC/PAS 62591Ed. 1).

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If there’s only one show on your 2009 calendar, make it CES.
See the future unfold in Las Vegas at the most important emerging technology event of the year: the 2009 International CES®. With more than 2,700 exhibitors vying to capture your attention, this is the event where you will see far-out ideas come to fruition. CES is the trade-only event that drives the digital economy. Register before November 1, 2008 and we’ll waive the $100 registration fee!
Visit www.CESweb.org/register to register today. Please use priority code PEN when registering.

quick poll |
Considering the challenges facing the nation, which presidential candidate has a better technological platform?

  • Barack Obama
  • John McCain
  • Neither
  • Undecided
Click here to take the poll. Remember to scroll down. The poll is at the bottom of the page.

focus product |
Floating-Point DSPs Provide Peripheral Options And Low-Power Operation

Teaming a wealth of peripheral connectivity and low power consumption,
Texas Instruments unveils what it is calling the industry's lowest power
floating-point DSPs: the TMS320C6745 DSP and TMS320C6747 DSP and the
OMAP-L137 floating-point DSP plus ARM applications processor.

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product picks online |
Video Crosspoint Switches Lower Power, Raise Bandwidth

VPX Memory Board Supports Up To 16 Gbytes

1340-W Supply Stands 1U High

RFIC Design Environment Adds Over 100 Enhancements

USB Connector Family Adds Mini Receptacles

upcoming industry events |
13th Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference
Santa Clara, Calif.
Oct. 13

Why Vent? Improve Reliabilty For Rugged Electronics
Oct. 22

Application Workshops For High-Performance Electronic Design
North Amerca, Asia, Europe
Oct. 9 - Nov. 12

ED bookstore |
Computers As Components: Principles Of Embedded Computing Design
By Wayne Wolf

The title is a bit of misnomer, as author Wayne Wolf is really presenting a typical embedded design and programming book. There is little about connecting CPU components together in anything other than a basic network. Still, skipping over the naming of the book reveals a very good coverage of general embedded processors and system design. Overall, this is an excellent book for a college course or for new embedded designers.

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