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Family Delivers MPEG Encoding To Mass Markets

The iVAC family of MPEG-2 encoders incorporates audio, video, and system encode functions on one chip. These devices are designed to spur the development of personal video recorders, PCs, and set-top boxes that let users compress, store, play back, and transport audio and video streams. They also drive low-cost systems for video conferencing, video e-mail, and other Internet applications that allow easy exchange of high-quality audio/video data.

The iTVC10 is a streamlined device for USB applications, while the iTVC12 provides interoperability of broadcast and high-end consumer systems and transport layer processing. These encoders reduce system costs by including both audio and video known as D1 resolution (720 by 576 for PAL and 720 by 480 for NTSC). Also, they support AC-3 interoperability by supporting both MPEG-1 Layer II and Dolby AC-3 audio-compression schemes.

Evaluation and design kits are available for PC applications using the PVI for communication applications utilizing the DVB-SPI bus. The iTVC10 costs $29.00 in 10,000-unit-per-month quantities. The iTVC12 costs $49.00 in 4000-unit-per-month quantities.

iCompression, 2500 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051; (408) 727-5077; fax (408) 727-5078; www.icompression.com.

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