MCU Protects Against Card Sharks

Paris, France: Thanks to its large memory, Atmel’s AT90SC16018RU secure microcontroller allows customers to implement applications such as CPA (Common Platform Application) for the EMV banking SDA (Static Data Authentication) market. This suits the chip for cost-sensitive applications such as medium-end contact banking cards.

Based on Atmel’s optimised 8/16bit RISC secureAVR CPU architecture, the AT90SC16018RU features on-chip high-density memories, 16kB of EEPROM, 160kB of user ROM, and 4kB of RAM. The MCU is designed to meet the security standards of Common Criteria EAL5+ and EMVCo. It shares the same common features with Atmel’s secureAVR family, including dedicated hardware for protection against SPA/DPA/SEMA/DEMA attacks as well as advanced protection against physical attacks.

See related figure.

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