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Runners Stay On Pace With GPS System

Running enters the 21st century with Garmin's Forerunner 201. Using GPS technology, it accurately measures the distance the runner travels and maps out the route on its screen. It additionally provides precise latitude, longitude, and altitude data, so runners don't have to worry about getting lost. Like many stopwatches, it measures individual lap times and average pace. But it also stores this history for up to two years. Runners can use Garmin's downloadable software to transfer this data from the device to their PC for storage and analysis. They can go toe to toe against the Virtual Partner, a tiny figure on the screen that represents an ideal pace. And, the Forerunner measures the number of calories burned. The device comes with an A/C desktop charger featuring a serial interface. It costs $160.70. For more, go to www.garmin.com.

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