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Allegro releases cheaper, higher spec replacements

Allegro MicroSystems Europe has launched a family of 32-bit latched sink driver ICs, the A6832 and A6833, for printer and display applications. They are designed to be drop-in replacements for Allegro's UCN5832 and UCN5833 devices, but use the company's DABiC-5 merged bipolar/CMOS process to offer a number of performance improvements including 3.3 to 5V logic capability, lower power consumption and data rates of up to 10MHz. The devices are also cheaper and include a lead-free package option for RoHS compliance.

The combination of bipolar and MOS technologies means these DABiC-5 arrays have a more flexible interface than the usual buffers and power driver circuits, while their fast operation makes them useful in thermal-printer applications. They can also be used to drive multiplexed LED displays or incandescent lamps at up to 150mA peak current.

The A6832 has 32 bipolar n-p-n 40V open-collector saturated drivers, while the A6833 has 32 bipolar n-p-n 30V open-collector Darlington output drivers. Both devices incorporate a CMOS data latch for each of the drivers, a 32-bit CMOS shift register and CMOS control circuitry.

The CMOS shift registers and latches allow operation with most microprocessor-based systems with data input rates up to 10MHz. MOS serial data outputs permit cascading for interface applications requiring additional drive lines. Both devices are offered in the 44-pin PLCC package.

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