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CDMA Power Meters Suited For Digital Mobile Radio Standards

The ML2407A (single channel) and ML2408A (dual channel) are a pair of power meters that measure signals used in both CDMA radio systems and by pulsed RF carriers. When used with Anritsu's MA2469A power sensor, which sports 1.25-MHz video bandwidth, these meters can precisely measure peak and average power, along with crest factors on pulse-modulated signals.

Anritsu says the MA2469A dual diode sensor features accuracy, speed, and over 80 dB of dynamic range. An integrated high-speed signal channel allows peak and crest factor measurements, along with average power measurements, on N-CDMA (IS-95) signals. Its built-in sensor EEPROM ensures accuracy by simplifying calibration factor correction and automatically correcting for sensor linearity and temperature.

Able to conduct 600 readings/s, the power meters are fast enough for high-production test applications. They also have a GPIB interface for automated measurements. Profile modes provide graphical displays of pulsed waveforms. And, 0.6-ms rise times let them capture and display pulses down to 1 ms.

Anritsu Co., Microwave Measurements Div., 490 Jarvis Dr., Morgan Hill, CA 95037-2809; (800) ANRITSU; www.anritsu.com.

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