DCPS Function at +125°C Levels

Two new digitally controlled potentiometer (DCP) families, replete with SPI and I2C interfaces, provide precision measurement and a wide operating temperature range for applications ranging from -40 to +125°C.

There's a total of 24 128tap, nonvolatile single, dual, and quad DCPs among the two families, which are suited for calibrating system tolerances, controlling system parameters and for ac measurement or signal processing. Developed by Intersil, the DCPs can tune or adjust values in portable or large systems, or adjust brightness on LED and LCD displays.

The DCPs' strong temperature coefficient results in highly precise measurements and reducs resistance drifts in applications that experience temperature fluctuations. Because the devices are designed to operate over the full industrial temperature range, they'll find homes in industrial designs, automotive designs, medical instrumentation, and many consumer electronics applications.

The reliable and flexible devices can be used in any application that requires an adjustment within the voltage range of 0V to 5V. This brings flexibility to analogue circuit designs with cost-efficient solutions.

All members of these DCP families feature a combination of resistor elements and CMOS switches, and each operates with a voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V. Wiper position is controlled by the user through either an SPI serial interface or I2C interface.

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