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DisplayPort 1.2 Source Compliance And Validation Software Launches

DisplayPort 1.2 Source Compliance And Validation Software Launches

Santa Clara, Calif.: Agilent Technologies has launched the industry’s first DisplayPort 1.2 source compliance and validation software, according to the company. It runs on Agilent’s Infiniium oscilloscopes and provides the compliance test suite for the physical-layer tests for DisplayPort 1.2 source devices.

The DisplayPort specification defines a digital audio/video interconnect used between a computer and its monitor or a computer and a home-theatre system. The Video Electronics Standard Association released it in January 2010 and is close to releasing the related compliance test specification.

DisplayPort 1.2 doubles the data rate possible to 5.4 Gbits/s. Also, new measurement methods and patterns were created, adding complexity to the task of validating all of the possible DisplayPort states.

Agilent Technologies


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