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Electronic Design Update: January 23, 2008

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Electronic Design Update: Know Your Options Before Choosing A Touchscreen
Electronic Design UPDATE e-Newsletter |   January 23, 2008

Molex copper flex with interconnects. No assembly required.
The name you trust for superior interconnects now offers total copper flex solutions. Our flex circuits feature impedance matched lines designed to your needs -- whether that means 1 layer, 20 or more. So whether you need copper flex for speed, power, space savings or strength in a harsh environment, Molex can deliver your solution. Visit us at APEC, Booths 728 and 730.
Please visit: www.molex.com/product/ipd/copperflex.html

Scope |
Know Your Options Before Choosing A Touchscreen
By Manny Cardinale, President, CAM Graphics Inc.

Though increasingly widespread and user-friendly, touchscreen technology is still very much a specialty and therefore outsourced by equipment manufacturers. But outsourcing any electronic subassembly can be a slippery slope for OEMs, since the end product ultimately will have their brand name on it.

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focus on power |
ADCs Take A Chunk Out Of Power Consumption

In addition to staking claim as the industry's smallest, the ADS5281, ADS5282, and ADS5287 eight-channel ADCs promise power-consumption reductions in the realm of 30% over comparable devices. At their highest sample rate of 65 Msamples/s, the trio consumes as little as 77 mW per channel. With dynamic scaling at a 30 Msample/s rate, per-channel power consumption is as low as 48 mW.

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EiED online |
Embedded PC Targets Digital Signage

Digital signage applications are growing with the appearance of compact compute engines like VIA Technologies' vmpc vm7700. Embedded Technology Editor Bill Wong takes a look inside the vm7700.

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DesignCon 2008 - Your Design Connection Awaits!
DesignCon attracts engineering professionals from various levels and disciplines and represents many aspects of electronic design: applications engineering, architecture and systems design, ASIC design, circuit-board design, embedded-systems design, hardware/software integration, high-performance systems, IC design, packaging, semiconductor product management, service and support, SoC design, software development, testing and debugging, and more.
Please visit: www.designcon.com/2008/register/index.asp

Engineering TV |
CES 2008: The WiMedia Alliance

A hot new trend in technology right now is wireless video transfer. The WiMedia Alliance is leading the way in ultra-wideband (UWB)technology. In part, we take a look at the state of the WiMedia Alliance.

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news from the editors |
Agilent Aids Discovery Of DNA Mutation Mechanism

When Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) researcher Jennifer Lee was studying the mechanisms of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD), she expected to find DNA additions or deletions in the wrong place on patients' chromosomes.

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Team Advances Hollow-Core Optical Fibers

Scientists from the University of Bath have discovered a way to speed up production of hollow-core optical fibers -- a new generation of optical fibers that could lead to faster and more powerful computing and telecommunications technologies.

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Firms Ally To Create Smaller Motion-Control Systems

Analog IC provider austriamicrosystems has formed a strategic business and technical partnership with New Scale Technologies Inc., a privately held developer and manufacturer of miniature motion systems.

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GPP Approval Advances LTE Technology

With the recent approval of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology specifications, LTE is on track to become the next phase in the development of the GSM family of technologies, according to industry association 3G Americas.

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Low Level Measurements Handbook
The sixth edition of Keithley's Low Level Measurements Handbook covers the fundamentals of precision DC current, voltage, and resistance measurements with a section devoted to common low level measurement applications. Also included is an instrument selection guide as well as a measurement troubleshooting guide, a glossary of terms, as well as important safety considerations.
Download your free copy now!

quick poll |
With the presidential campaign under way, how do you feel about electronic voting machines?

--Very confident: Electronic voting is the way to go.
--Somewhat confident: Anything is better than hanging chads.
--Not confident: Security needs to be improved.

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product picks online |
Audio Buffer Maintains Code Of Silence

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Flat Panel Monitors Get Their Sea Legs

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AC-DC Adapters Set Efficiency Benchmark

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Base Station Protocol Test System Adds Wideband AMR

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Compact Circuit Protector Thwarts 200 kA Shorts

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upcoming industry events |
International Solid State Circuits Conference
San Francisco, Calif.
Feb. 3-7   


DesignCon 2008
Feb. 4-7
Santa Clara, Calif.


GSMA Mobile World Congress 2008
Barcelona, Spain
Feb. 11-14   


ED bookstore |
Linux Firewalls
By Michael Rash

Building a secure networked Linux box? Then you better know your firewalls. I keep this book within easy reach since I have a number of different Linux systems running in the lab. Since some of the issues involved are so complex, I uncover something new every time I open it.

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