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High-End Scope Performance Suits Middle-Class Budgets

Two additions to the DL line of digital oscilloscopes save engineers time in troubleshooting and problem solving. The LC564DL features a 1-GHz bandwidth, while the LC554DL provides 500 MHz. The four-channel scopes boast 1 million points of data-acquisition memory per channel and a 2-Gsample/s acquisition rate for high-performance signal capture. With two inputs in use, these scopes can capture 2 million data points at 4 Gsamples/s.

The scopes come with glitch, runt, slew, pattern, exclusion, and other triggers. With high-speed circuits, designers can trigger on fast slew rates, logic patterns, and runts as short as 600 ps. A full line of I/O features—such as GPIB, RS-232, floppy disk, VGA port, and Centronics port—is standard. Optional devices include an internal printer, a portable hard-disk drive, an ATA flash card, and a PC memory card. Application-specific signal analysis packages for testing optical and electronic communications signals, power electronics, hard-disk drives, and optical drives also are available.

Designers can choose from more than 12 probe-attenuation factors, which are selectable via the front-panel menus. Fully variable sensitivity ranges from 2 mV/div. to 1 V/div. The offset ranges ±20 V across the entire sensitivity range when using the AP020/AP022 active probes. Typically, the dc accuracy is ±(2% full scale + 1% offset setting). Vertical resolution is 8 bits. An optional ECL rear-panel trigger output is available. These scopes also have ac (greater than 10 Hz typical), dc, and GND input coupling. For fast signal processing, the scopes use a 96-MHz PowerPC 603e

Both scopes have a 4-Gsample/s maximum sample rate, 10 ppm of timebase accuracy, and 5-ps resolution. Their autosetup feature automatically sets sensitivity, vertical offset, and timebase on all display channels. The autosetup time runs approximately three seconds. And, the vertical find automatically sets sensitivity and offset for the selected channel. One PP005 probe is supplied per channel. Three optional probes are available, as well.

Each version has a 10.4-in. TFT LCD. Designers can use this screen to illustrate up to eight traces on multiple grids with maximum signal-to-noise ratio. Through flexible zoom capabilities, they also can explore signal relationships and inspect or magnify selected waveform regions. Measuring 212 by 160 mm, the display has VGA (640 by 480 pixels) resolution. Rear-panel presets let users control position, brightness, and contrast. Menu controls allow for brightness and color selection. Designers also can select between eight grid styles.

Meanwhile, users can complement these scopes with the corresponding Digital Filter Package (DFP). Its set of linear-phase finite-impulse-response (FIR) filters filter out undesired spectral components, such as noise. With the custom design feature, users can reconstruct corrupted signals by applying matched (mirror) filters to compensate for known distortions. Additionally, the DFP contains low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, band stop, raised cosine, raised-root cosine, and gaussian filters. These filters are fully programmable over GPIB, RS-232-C, and LAN connections.

The LC564DL is priced at $21,990, while the LC554DL costs $18,490. The DFP costs $1375.

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