HVICs use advanced high-voltage process

International Rectifier's introduced a series of 19 next-generation 500V and 600V high-voltage integrated circuits (HVICs)—half-bridge and high- and low-side drivers—address applications ranging from motor control, lighting, and switch-mode power supplies to audio and flat-panel displays. They come with single or dual inputs, undervoltage lockout protection, fixed or programmable deadtime for half-bridge drivers, and drive currents up to 2.5A.

The new ICs use an advanced high-voltage IC process, known as G5 HVIC. A next-generation, high-voltage, level-shifting and termination technology delivers good electrical over-stress protection and higher field reliability.

Improved reliability is the result of silicon-technology and packaging enhancements. The advanced packaging equipment and materials, for example, combined with recent advances in mold-compound injection techniques, allow these devices to be less sensitive to moisture and improve the plastic-to-die interface. The latter is particularly critical, with peak soldering temperatures increasing due to the adoption of lead-free soldering materials.

The surface mount SO-8 packages are qualified to MSL2 (moisture sensitivity level 2), while all other surface-mounts are MSL3-qualified. IR's HVIC technology integrates n- and p-channel LDMOS circuitry in an intelligent driver IC. The ICs provide gate-drive and protection features for HV power-conditioning apps.

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