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Infrared Cameras Find Hotspots In Routine Apps

Thermal imaging cameras aren't the stuff of spy novels anymore. Mundane applications like predictive maintenance and monitoring of plant equipment, electrical systems, roof inspection, moisture detection, and nondestructive product testing now integrate infrared cameras, such as the FlexCam from Infrared Solutions.

The FlexCam's maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer detector produces a highly sensitive thermal image to "see" potential temperature-related problems that are invisible to the naked eye (e.g., overheated electronics and underheated molding). It also boasts precise full-screen radiometric temperature measurement. With its unique annotation feature, users can add customized comments to images right on the camera.

Programmable buttons provide access to frequently used commands. The ergonomically efficient 180° pivoting lens facilitates scanning of awkwardly positioned targets. Its 5-in. display is twice the size of displays on many competitive models. And, each camera comes with FlexView PC analysis software, enabling sophisticated temperature and image analysis on the user's own computer.

Three models are available. For more information, go to www.intraredsolutions.com.

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