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Music, Video, E-Mail, And The Web—Right In Your Hand

For entertainment on the go, check out the PEG-UX50 Personal Entertainment Communicator. Sony's latest Clie handheld features 802.11b Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration for wireless access to e-mail, the Web, and HotSynced PCs. Its built-in digital camera sports VGA resolution for snapshots and even records and plays back MPEG4 video. These images appear on the 480-by-320 display. With these options, its 29 Mbytes of dedicated internal media memory will come in handy for storing multimedia content like photos, video, MP3s, and even native Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and .pdf files. Its automatic data backup system moves up to 16 Mbytes of data from RAM memory into nonvolatile memory whenever the internal rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery runs low. And, all of this power and more squeezes into a 6.2-oz package. The PEG-UX50 costs $699.99. For more, see www.sonystyle.com.

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