Electronic Design

Optical Engine Boosts Data-Transfer Speeds

Böblingen, Germany: An embedded optical engine technology developed by Avago Technologies delivers high-speed connectivity for a range of computing and consumer applications. The first application to use the optical engine is Intel’s Light Peak optical fibre cable technology, which was announced at the Intel Developers Forum.

Light Peak is a high-speed optical interconnect designed to run multiple existing I/O protocols on a single cable. It delivers high bandwidth starting at 10 Gb/s, with the potential ability to scale to 100 Gb/s over the next decade. At that speed, a full-length Blu-Ray movie can be transferred in under 30 seconds.

“Intel is pleased to be working with Avago Technologies to make Light Peak optical components ready to ship in 2010,” says Jason Ziller, director, Optical I/O Program Office, Intel Corp. “Light Peak has high bandwidth and the ability to run multiple I/O protocols over a single cable, enabling the technology to connect to many devices such as displays, disk drives, peripherals, and docking stations.”

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