PMOLED Driver IC Will Boost Mobile Display Performance

Kirchheim, Germany: Mobile devices, particularly those offering QVGA resolution, can use the DA8620 SmartXtend passive matrix organic LED (PMOLED) from Dialog Semiconductor instead of LCDs or active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays. In fact, Lenovo is using the DA8620 in its recent S800 colour feature phone.

Dialog says that PMOLEDs provide advantages in terms of picture and colour quality, viewing angle, and video performance. PMOLED displays are also offered with a transmittance effect greater than 50%, making them ideal for see-through or transparent display applications.

SmartXtend enables PMOLED panels to be used as the high-resolution main display in mobile phones, MP3 players, and other portable devices, serving as a set of driving techniques for PMOLED that currently supports resolutions up to QVGA. It includes a multi-line addressing scheme, pre-charge schemes, and accurate dynamic current matching to reduce peak current and the average power consumption of the display.

The DA8620 is available now and is shipped in bare die form with gold bumps suitable for mounting as chip-on-flex or chip-on-glass.

Dialog Semiconductor

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