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Processor Promises Full HD For Mobile Phones

London, England: An application processor for mobile phones developed by Renesas Technology Europe is said by the company to be the first to deliver full high-definition (1920 × 1080 pixels) video recording and playback support.

The device supports the H.264/ MPEG-4 AVC video-compression standard (H.264) at Full HD video resolution with a playback/recording frame rate of 30 frames/s. With a maximum operating frequency of 500MHz, the IC is approximately twice as fast as previous comparable Renesas products.

The SH-MobileHD1 incorporates two 24bit dedicated audio DSPs to lighten the audio processing load on the CPU and reduce power consumption. Thus, one DSP can handle (stereo) audio processing such as the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) high-quality audio compression standard and Dolby Digital codec, with power to spare, while the other DSP handles sonic enhancement like equalisation and sample rate conversion (SRC). In addition, heavy-load processing tasks such as 5.1-channel audio can be assigned to the dual DSPs. Support for Dolby Digital and 5.1-channel audio allow interoperation with applications designed for consumer audio components.

In addition, the IC includes an interface that supports connection to a transmitter microchip that implements the HDMI high-speed multimedia interface used for interconnections between AV components. This allows connection and output of Full HD resolution video to digital home electronics components such as LCD TVs or Blu-ray disc recorders.

In addition, the SH-MobileHD1 can connect to an SD memory card and wireless LAN (WLAN), and it supports multiplexing of the MPEG2-TS (transport system) and MP4 formats.

A camera interface supports direct connection to a 15Mpixel camera module. This allows for high-speed importing of voluminous data from a high-resolution camera. It also makes possible a variety of display functions, including electronic zoom and superimposed effects such as an on-screen display (OCD) function or hardware cursor (HWC) function.

The SH-MobileHD1 is compatible with BT.709 format YUV data as part the support for One-Seg TV broadcasts. As a result, it’s able to convert snippets of TV broadcast data to JPEG format with no degradation in image quality. The many on-chip peripheral functions suitable for mobile phone systems also include an LCD controller with support for 24bit TFT colour LCD panels and a sound interface.

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