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Rugged Server Packs A Portable Punch

Servers don't have to be delicate. The GMII-102 portable server computers from Acme Portable Machines are designed for harsh field conditions and rugged travel. These lunchbox-style devices squeeze 2.0- or 3.0-GHz Pentium 4 processors, eight expansion slots, and an 80-Gbyte minimum high-capacity hard-disk drive into just 16 by 10.75 by 8.25 inches. Two additional drive bays can be configured as floppy-disk, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, or combo drives. Also, these servers can be loaded with up to 2 Gbytes of double-data-rate or PC-133 memory for data-intensive software applications.

With eight open slots and multiple I/Os, the GMII-102s can be used as portable testing, troubleshooting, or industrial servers. Two USB ports and an Ethernet/Fast Ethernet port enable use as a mobile server for multiple segmented network stations to handle simultaneous local-area network/wireless-area network node requests. A PCMCIA/Card Bus option supports type II or type III options, two additional serial ports, and one enhanced parallel port. The internal flat-panel 14.1-in. XGA thin-film transistor display complements the 32- or 64-Mbyte video RAM, integrated multimedia speakers, and sound kit.

Pricing for the GMII-102 servers, which are available off the shelf or user-configured in as little as 24 hours, starts at $4500. OEM and ODM discounts are available. For details, go to www.portablesys.com.

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