Scope Saves On Size And Power Consumption

Yokogawa's SignalXplorer DL9000 series of digital oscilloscopes features a maximum frequency bandwidth of 1.5GHz, maximum sampling rate of 10GS/s, and maximum memory length of 6.25MW. These 4-channel instruments have an enhanced waveform accumulation function that allows up to 450 million digitised points to be acquired and displayed every second. Measuring 350 × 200 × 178 mm and weighing only 6.5 kg, the DL9000 Series is the smallest, most lightweight instrument in its class in terms of display and analysis performance, says the company.

"The DL9000 Series sets new standards in waveform acquisition and display performance, and is a major step forward in Yokogawa's evolution as a leading test & measurement player," says Terry Marrinan, Yokogawa's director of sales and marketing for Europe and Africa. "Never before have so many leading-edge features been made available in a compact oscilloscope and at such a competitive price."

To achieve Yokogawa's objectives of compactness and high performance, the company's engineers merged internal circuits and designed for reduced power consumption. For the A/D conversion section, cascade-type 2.5GS/s, 8bit A/D converters are run in parallel and are designed for energy savings. The instrument's signal-processing section, which generates display data from the A/D-converted data and carries out processing for waveform and parameter calculations, is based on an ADSE (advanced data stream engine). The ADSE is implemented on a 0.13-µm process CMOS IC with a high level of integration, allowing data memory to be incorporated on the same chip. The signal-processing section is based on a proprietary architecture specifically designed to offer very high-speed waveform display updating.

As a result, the DL9000 Series offers a very fast dot-filling rate—a function of acquisition rate, memory, and number of channels—which is not affected by the number of channels selected. Typically, the acquisition rate is 300 times faster than that of Yokogawa's 500 MHz oscilloscopes, while the display accumulation rate—with 2000 displays superimposed within 0.1 second—is 50 times faster.

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