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Sealed Handheld Cases Are Immune To Dust And Water

Touted as ideal for housing modern instrumentation, mobile data collection devices and control equipment, the Datec-Control handheld cases are both strong and ergonomically designed. The cases are sealed against dust and water ingress and the company offers a proper sealed alternative to the less sophisticated T-cases on the market. Designed to sit perfectly in the hand, the cases are accommodate a wide variety of components including standard graphics displays and batteries. Battery power options include three screw-in battery compartments designed for four AA and one or two 9V cell arrangements and plug-in battery packs for the larger sizes. The top has a recessed area for membrane keypads and can be specified with or without a window cutout for mounting standard LCD modules. Sizes vary, but the smallest is the Datec-Control S, measuring 8.976" x 4.606" x 1.850". Quantity pricing starts at $18.


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