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Set-Top Box Decoder Offers High Performance At Low Cost

The STi5512, a new member of the OMEGA family of set-top box decoders, is pin-to-pin and software compatible with the STi5510. This device integrates, in a single chip, a programmable MPEG transport stream demultiplexer block, an ST20 32-bit system CPU, an audio/video MPEG-2 decoder, advanced display and graphics features, and a digital video encoder. It also integrates essential system peripheral functions, including interfaces for external memory, IEEE 1394, I2C, teletext, and smart cards. Five hardwired display planes, multiple OSD regions (each with individual settings), and letterbox format conversion are featured as well.

The STi5512 gluelessly interfaces to a range of single-chip front-end devices, such as the STV0299 QPSK and STV0297 QAM demodulators. It also will be compatible with the CiMax2 Digital Video Broadcasting Common Interface chip set currently under development. A leading-edge software-development chain supports the device. Among the features included with this chain are the ST20 ANSI C software toolset, the ST20 window-based debugging toolkit, and a royalty-free high-performance real-time operating system (ST-Lite).

Housed in a 256-pin BGA package with 16 additional central ground balls, the STi5512 is now available for sampling. Volume-production ramp-up is currently under way. The decoder costs $35.00 in 50,000-unit quantities.

STMicroelectronics Inc., Lexington Corporate Center, 10 Maguire Rd., Bldg. 1, Third floor, Lexington, MA 02421; (781) 861-2650; (781) 861-2678; www.st.com.

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