What's on the Wall Tonight?

Television manufacturers and electronics companies must be licking their lips in anticipation of the profit surge this year. What’s prompting all of this excitement? Simply put, it’s two teams of eleven people kicking a ball around.

It’s all to do with the world’s ultimate sporting event—World Cup 2006. Now, there cannot be many people on this planet Earth that don’t know about this event, but what’s it got to do with electronics companies? Well, it is estimated that about 340 million people from 145 different countries will be watching the games on their televisions. And for some viewers, this will be a prime reason to invest in a new high-definition TV.

One question facing buyers will be plasma versus liquid-crystal display. Sharp further complicated the choice with news of some impressive LCD developments. Size matters when it comes to TV screens, and Sharp developed a production line that can handle LCDs measuring 2.5 metres square.

This is not so much a TV screen but a TV wall. At this rate, architects will have to start coming up with some radical thoughts on interior design to accommodate these giants.

But Sharp must be congratulated not only on size, but also the achievement of 1000:1 contrast ratios, compared with the more normal 400:1. All good reasons for football fanatics to invest before the first World Cup game in Munich on June 7th.

Now, which wall will I watch it on?

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