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When It Comes To Design, Get In The Zone—TechZone, That Is

All eyes are on Vegas when the International CES comes to town, and the 2009 show will be no different, with plenty of celebrities and all the hottest gadgets.

But you’re a designer! You need the latest info to create the next wave of groundbreaking innovations—maybe in time for the 2010 event. Located throughout the entire show floor, this year’s CES TechZones will spotlight market-specific technology so you can be part of the buzz at next year’s show.

Everything has a screen these days, and you’ll see them all in the Advanced Display Technologies TechZone, sponsored by DisplaySearch and located in LVCC, South Hall 1. Attendees will see the latest a-Si TFTs, LCDs, LTPS TFT LCDs, AMOLEDs, PMOLEDs, and PDPs, as well as flexible, reflective, and 3D displays targeting a wide variety of applications, from mobile phones to large-screen televisions.

Also, check out the DisplayPort TechZone sponsored by the Video Electronics Standards Association, located in the Sands Expo and Convention Center. The technologies spotlighted here enable a common interface approach across internal and external display connections. The standard also makes high-quality audio available to the display device over the same cable and video signal for true plug-andplay capabilities.

The environment is on everybody’s mind— and list of consumer demands—these days. To make your designs more earth-friendly, head on over to the Greener Gadgets TechZone in the LVCC, North Hall. These pioneering technologies benefit the environment as well as the sustainability of the global economy by helping the consumer electronics industry reduce its environmental footprint via alternative energy, recycled materials, and biodegradable packaging.

Another key consumer demand? Mobile broadband. Sponsored by the GSM Association, The GSMA TechZone in LVCC, South Hall 4 will reveal the sheer diversity and scale of devices that provide anytime, anywhere access to the Web, from embedded notebooks to smart phones. These products will only become more prevalent as we move closer to a wireless society.

You’ll find the stuff that entertainment dreams are made of in the HDMI TechZone, located in LVCC, South Hall 1. The High-Definition Multimedia Interface is the world standard for connecting consumer products and devices, enabling cutting-edge home theater systems with a single, intelligent cable. The zone will feature high-definition video and audio manufacturers, high-definition hardware manufacturers, and high-definition service providers, as well as signal processors and semiconductors.

Cable may be the king of network connectivity, but there are other options. The HomePlug Alliance will make a case for its technology in the HomePlug TechZone in LVCC, South Hall 2. Representatives of service and content, retail, hardware, software, silicon, and technology companies will be on hand to demonstrate the availability and adoption of cost-effective, interoperable, and standards-based home powerline networks and products.

New this year, the i-Stage TechZone will feature the exhibitors who participated in the i-Stage competition on October 20, which pit not-yetreleased gaming, social media, mobile retail, security, telecom, 3D video, and other products from established companies and up-and-comers alike against each other. So which disruptive technologies took home the title? Find out in this TechZone, which can be found in the Sands.

It will look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s all real and ready for you to use in your next design. Sponsored by Robotics Trends, the Robotics TechZone in the Sands will feature automatons of every variety, from playful toys to serious machines with security applications. Engineers can get inspiration for their next design and meet prospective customers as well in the burgeoning consumer robotics market—and make some mechanical friends, too.

He’s a musical genius. Did you know that he’s a technical genius too? Get down with Stevie Wonder and Friends at the Sands, hosted by the Sendero Group, the National Federation of the Blind, and Intel Health. Check out electronics that the blind can use in contrast with many they cannot. More importantly, learn how minor design improvements can add millions of blind and visually impaired customers to your markets.

And if you’re looking for other new markets, look to the Third World. The Technology and Emerging Countries TechZone in LVCC, North Hall will offer pioneering technologies that contribute to the social and cultural development of underdeveloped and developing countries. Find out how the hightech industry is facilitating educational, social, and entrepreneurial capacity in growing economies, opening these regions up to consumer electronics advances.

Quick—name one product that doesn’t use USB. Can’t think of one, can you? This ubiquitous technology makes plug and play a reality and accommodates our busy lifestyles as we juggle PCs and their peripherals, notebooks, cell phones, cameras, and many other digital gadgets. And further improvements and interconnectivity are on the way. Find out more at the USB TechZone, presented by USB-IF, in LVCC, South Hall 3.

Speaking of wireless, someone has to manage the business end of things. The Wireless Distribution TechZone in LVCC, South Hall 4 will feature distributors representing all of the major wireless carriers and manufacturers of handsets and accessories that provide the products, services, and applications that can positively impact your business.

For even more wireless innovation, visit Wireless Mobility Brought to You by Qualcomm in LVCC, South Hall 3. This TechZone will feature demonstrations of the latest advances in the mobile enterprise, such as mobile payments and seamless and secure office connections. Also, look for the hottest social networking, gaming, location awareness and public safety, and even health and fitness applications.

The ZigBee Alliance will present the ZigBee TechZone in LVCC, South Hall 1. This wireless standard puts control right in the consumer’s hands anywhere they are, from lighting and HVAC applications to appliances and security. ZigBee technology enables low-cost sensor technology in devices like timers and remote controls that’s easy to install and ideal for the home. With this comprehensive program, the TechZones at the 2009 International CES offer something for every designer. For more information, go to CESweb.org/TechZones.

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