Bridging the gap to achieve complex signal processing

Through a new agreement, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology and Celoxica will combine their expertise to offer out-of-the-box digital signal processing (DSP) and FPGA system design solutions. These will be backed up by their established partnerships with Texas Instruments and Xilinx. The parties claim that this joint approach offers users progress in complex signal processing implementation.

DSP programming relies on a software-oriented approach, usually performed by system and software engineers. FPGA devices are often programmed using design tools evolved from hardware-centric techniques. The different approaches and levels of abstraction make it difficult to combine the two.

The joint arising from the agreement between Sundance and Celoxica uses C-based ESL tools. These enable system optimisations employing an array of off-the-shelf modules and systems to address the critical issues of hardware/software co-design, DSP/FPGA integration, power use and cost reductions from design conception through to deployment.

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