Cheapest PCI Express solution complies with 1a spec

Xilinx’s programmable PCI Express endpoint silicon product has passed all the latest PCI Express compliance and interoperability tests. The company says that its two-chip solution is the industry’s lowest cost programmable PCI Express solution to be added to the PCI-SIG PCI Express Integrators List and to demonstrate full compliance to the PCI Express 1.0a specification. It costs under US$12.00 in high volumes.

The solution comprises a Philips PX1011A PCI Express PHY, a Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA and an optimised Xilinx PCI Express LogiCORE IP core. It is suited to applications including consumer video and audio, medical imaging, test equipment, graphics cards and high-end servers.

The Philips PCI Express PHY brings the SERDES serialiser/deserialiser and the Physical Coding Sub-Layer (PCS) for good bit rate performance. The Philips PHY consumes little power and is small enough for ExpressCard applications. The Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA portion combines block and distributed RAM, up to 784 I/Os, MicroBlaze 32-bit RISC soft processors and embedded XtremeDSP supporting multiply and accumulates (MAC) functions. Dedicated 18x18 multipliers deliver up to 330bn MACs per second.

A fully loaded reference design and design kit is immediately available in limited quantities for this low-cost solution through Tentmaker Systems (

TAGS: Digital ICs
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