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Digital radio tunes into Blackfin

London, England: RadioScape unveiled plans to extend the range of programmable semiconductor platforms that support its software radio solutions. The company has already developed a range of software, module, and subsystem solutions for the DAB digital-radio market based on Texas Instruments’ DSPs. Now, RadioScope believes that emerging digital-radio segments will require its stacks and applications for DAB, DMB, DAB-IP, DRM, FM, and AM on other platforms. The first of these will be the Analog Devices’ Blackfin BF52x series of processors.

In conjunction with ADI’s announcement of its BF52x family, RadioScape developed a highly integrated software implementation of its DAB baseband decoder and audio video decoder for this new platform to address the mobile TV market. It’s already been demonstrated to potential customers, and initial products are due to arrive later this year. This work paves the way to include the ADI platform across all of RadioScape’s digital radio solutions in the future, says the company.

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