Economical 3G Delivery

The 10G serial buffer developed by Integrated Device Technology (IDT) is claimed as the industry’s first Serial RapidIObased memory solution. When coupled with the previously announced IDT pre-processing switch (PPS), this wireless chip-set solution offers an optimised interconnection that accelerates DSP performance by up to 20%, says the company. The wireless chip set can work with DSPs and chip-rate processors (CRPs) from various vendors.

The 10G serial buffer, by delivering 10Gbps, meets the demand for high-data throughput needed in next-generation cellular basestations. It offers 18Mbits of memory, which can be scaled to 90Mbits for optimum functionality. In addition, the buffer eliminates severe memory capacity and performance limitations, enabling the real-time execution of large, consecutive data-sample comparisons in next-generation basestation systems and other DSP-intensive applications.

With only 16 I/Os required, versus up to 100 for parallel processing, the 10G serial buffer dramatically reduces the bill of materials, which the company says is a necessity for the costeffective delivery of value-added services in 3G and beyond.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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