Flash Software For Advanced Multimedia-Intensive Mobile Apps

Samsung Electronics has developed NAND flash software especially for high performance multimedia applications. The new software is said to simplify multimedia system platform design by enabling Samsung’s 16Gbit NAND flash to be easily adapted to mobile applications with large storage needs, such as portable media players and video MP3 players. The software, with accompanying transactional file system, supports all of the system performance requirements of Samsung’s 16Gb NAND which has been in mass production since April The software optimises the fast data transfer speeds of 16Gb NAND while protecting against sudden power failures. The first use of the software will be with a new chipset from Actions Semiconductors. The ATJ213X is a highly-integrated 32bit RISC, and 24bit DSP-based SoC. Samsung’s new software will be available to consumer electronics system designers as part of Actions’ support software package for its new chipset, which will be available later this month. Actions Semiconductor is one of China's leading fabless semiconductor companies.

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