GPS correlation chip set points to simplified design

Heilbronn, Germany, and San Dimas, Calif., USA:
Atmel Corp. and Magellan introduced a GPS chip set that integrates the latest GPS correlation technology with an ARM926EJ-S-based microprocessor. This new device includes an extended instruction set with DSP extensions, plus a set of peripherals created to simplify design and suppress costs.

The ARM9-powered ATR0663 incorporates a GPS baseband and an LCD controller with integrated 2D graphics accelerator for virtual screen support of 2048 by 2048 pixels, an AC97 audio controller, and an image sensor interface. Numerous I/O options, including Ethernet, USB 2.0 Full Speed Host and Device, SD/MMC (Secure Digital/MultiMedia Card), TWI (Two Wire Interface), and USARTs, provide a system-on-a-chip solution for personal-navigation-device (PND) applications.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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