Ignios and ARM accelerate multicore development

Ignios and ARM say they have accelerated the development of multicore solutions. They ran a simulation that modelled multiple ARM9 family processors and third-party DSP processors operating together, using ARM RealView development tools with MaxSim technology and Ignios’ multicore-enabling SystemWeaver technology.

With RealView additional bus layers, processors and memory can be added or removed, while System Weaver allows software developed for one platform to be targeted at others, without recompilation. The technologies work together to speed up the early design cycle of advanced SoC platforms.

RealView ESL tools with MaxSim technology incorporate features that support multicore development and analysis, including the ability rapidly to bring together diverse simulation models with high run-time efficiency. For example, a representative multicore system that includes cycle accurate models of two ARM9 family processors, two DSP cores and the SystemWeaver core operates fast enough to enable software developers to test real application code long before the availability of silicon, according to the companies.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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