A Mini Sound Byte

The BelaSigna 200 chip has its sights set on small-form-factor, precision, digital speech and audio-centric products.

A recently launched, miniaturised version of the BelaSigna 200 audio-processing chip should land safely in advanced, small-form-factor precision audio products. The device, crafted by AMI Semiconductor (AMIS), is based on a new miniature chip-scale package (CSP) measuring 3.8 by 2.4mm—approximately one-seventh the size of previous QFN packages.

One key advantage of using the BelaSigna 200 is that it interfaces seamlessly with wireless technology, including Bluetooth subsystems, and consumes only a few milliamps of current at 1.8V. It contains a DSP core, stereo codec, memory, power management, and a hardware-based WOLA (weighted-overlap-add) filter bank coprocessor. The latter reduces power consumption and chip size while providing low group delay and adjustable parameters.

Currently, BelaSigna 200 is targeted for use in small-form-factor, precision, digital speech- and audio-centric products (e.g., wireless headsets and headphones). The chip makes a solid match for these wireless devices, which are forever shrinking in size to meet the demands of becoming more discreet and comfortable to wear.

In regard to the new chip, David Coode, manager of AMIS’s audio group, says “We have witnessed good success with BelaSigna 200 since its market introduction. It is the most complete, lowest-power, and smallest programmable audio-processing system available, which also offers the flexibility of a generic DSP system at the size and power consumption of a dedicated ASIC. The new miniaturised version enables our customers to design BelaSigna 200 into even smaller products.”

TAGS: Digital ICs
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