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XC2000 Automotive Microcontroller Family Meets New Members

Neubiberg, Germany: Infineon Technologies has extended its XC2000 automotive microcontroller portfolio with 16-bit devices that address low-end, low-cost automotive applications. Based on a C166SV2 CPU with a five-stage pipeline, the products offer a multiply-accumulate (MAC) unit with DSP functionality for dedicated filter algorithms.

In addition, the microcontrollers provide an optimized peripheral set for low-cost applications with up to two CAN nodes, up to four flexible serial interfaces, and up to 19 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) channels. The high-speed, 12-bit ADC provides a conversion time of less than 1 ┬Ás.

An integrated window watchdog with independent clock reduces the demand of external components for automotive applications. On-chip power supply, power control, and debug support enable an easy design.

The devices are offered with flash capacities of 32, 64, 96, and 160 kbytes, which expands the scalability of the whole XC2000 family from 32-kbyte to 1.6-Mbyte flash memory (see the figure). An optimized PIN-out results in an increased number of available I/Os with up to 49 I/Os within a 64-pin package.

Infineon Technologies

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