Electronic Design

Bluetooth Dons The Blues

Bluetooth now wears a badge. Thanks to this advanced short-range radio technology, PVP Communications' Motor One Wireless Motor Kit can cut the cords that connect a police officer to his motorcycle's radio, increasing safety, performance, and convenience. It includes a portable radio-speaker microphone, a helmet kit, and a motorcycle adapter kit. Installation is simple, too. The officer's current mobile radio doesn't require any internal modification, because circuitry in the kit handles wireless send/receive.

The radio-speaker microphone looks and performs just like any standard model. But when the kit's headset is connected, the speaker-microphone mutes. All portable radio communications then go to the headset, installed in the officer's helmet. A wireless link with the officer's motorcycle enables handlebar push-to-talk and communication controls for portable radio, mobile radio, and siren public address when the officer is on or near his vehicle.

For details, call (800) 584-4119 or go to www.pvpcom.com.

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