First MicroTCA design win claimed by Motorola

London, England: Pass the envelope... the industry’s first design win based on the MicroTCA specification for communications computing applications goes to... Motorola. Hypercom Corp., a provider of high security electronic transaction solutions, will integrate Motorola’s Centellis 1000 series communications server into Hypercom transaction network products that will be used to transport point-of-sale (POS) transactions globally.

The use of the Centellis 1000 series for the high security transport of electronic payments marks a new application for the MicroTCA standard, expanding its value beyond the original target markets.

“Current industry trends indicate that MicroTCA has growing interest in multiple industry segments in addition to telecom,” says Paul Zorfass, director of the Embedded Hardware and Systems practice at industry analyst VDC. “This announcement demonstrates that the MicroTCA standard, while at an early stage, is mature enough for real design win activity.”

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