PI Launches PFC IC Family With Integrated Controller/MOSFET

PI Launches PFC IC Family With Integrated Controller/MOSFET

California-headquartered power-management company Power Integrations (PI) has launched the HiperPFS family of power factor correction (PFC) controllers with integrated high-voltage power MOSFETs. HiperPFS devices use a control scheme that optimizes efficiency at light load levels, says PI. They are supplied in a compact, low-profile eSIP package and suit PFC applications from 75 W to 1 kW.

Regulatory requirements in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere mandate high power factor for many electronic products with power requirements over 75 W and for lighting products over 5 W. These rules are combined with numerous application-specific standards that require high power-supply efficiency across the entire load range, from full load to as low as 10% load.

PI says that HiperPFS simplifies compliance with new and emerging energy-efficiency standards over a broad market space in applications such as PCs, LCD TVs, notebooks, appliances, pumps, motors, fans, printers, and LED lighting. The company’s innovative variable-frequency continuous conduction mode of operation (VF-CCM) minimizes switching losses by maintaining a low average switching frequency, while also varying the switching frequency to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Power Integrations

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