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Power MOSFETs Suited For Automotive Applications

A new family of TrenchFETs provides a range of options for driving small motors and solenoids in automotive systems. This line of eight power MOSFETs includes the first LITTLE FOOT TSOP-6 devices rated at 60 V. The Si3458DV (n-channel) offers a 100-mΩ on-resistance, while the Si3459DV (p-channel) offers a 220-mΩ on-resistance. Both of these have a 3- by 2.95-mm footprint. The line also includes four low on-resistance devices in D2PAK and TO-220. The 55-V n-channel SUP75N05-07 (TO-220) and SUB7575N05-07 (D2PAK) offer a 7-mΩ maximum on-resistance, while the 60-V n-channel SUP75N06-06 (TO-220) and SUB75N06-06 (D2PAK) provide an rDS(ON) limit of 6.5-mΩ. The last two devices in the line, the SUP75N08-09 (TO-220) and SUB75N08-09L (D2PAK), have a higher breakdown voltage that provides more headroom for voltage spikes.

Samples and production quantities for all of the TrenchFETs are now available, with 8- to 10-week lead times for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery in 100,000-unit quantities is $0.39 for the Si3458DV, and $0.46 for the Si3459DV. Pricing for the TO-220 and D2PAK devices starts at $1.14.

Vishay Siliconix, 2201 Laurelwood Rd., Santa Clara, CA 95054-1595; (408) 988-8000; fax (408) 567-8950;

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