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Relays Effective In Heavy-Load Automotive Applications

The FTR-P3 and FTR-P4 automotive 1 Form C relays have a 25-A contact rating at a 14-V DC locked motor load. They also have a 25-A maximum switching current at 16 V DC. These figures make them effective for heavy-load, motor reversal applications like power windows, door locks, sunroofs, and seats. The relays also are appropriate for switching lighter load motors in intermittent windshield wipers, tilt steering wheels, and retractable antennas. Available with 9-, 10-, and 12-V DC coils, they feature 600-mW nominal power and a 100,000-operation minimum electrical life. And, they come with standard 0.3-mm contact gaps, though 0.6-mm gaps for over-voltage circuit-breaking capability can be specified. The FTR-P3 single relay, weighing 4.5 g and measuring 17.4 by 7.2 by 13.5 mm, is priced at $0.71 each. At 8.5 g and 17.4 by 14.2 by 13.5 mm, the FTR-P4 twin relay package costs $1.29 each. Both prices are for 10,000-unit quantities.

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