Resistance is low in industrial, consumer and automotive apps

Vishay Intertechnology has announced two new low-value, surface-mount power metal strip resistors with power ratings of 3W and 5W and low resistance values down to 0.2m.

They are designed for all types of current-sensing, voltage division and pulse applications including: switching and linear power supplies, instruments and power amplifiers in automotive electronic controls; battery-charging systems and motor controls in consumer products; and motor controls in industrial systems.

The WSL3921 resistor measures 10mm by 5.2mm with a maximum height profile of 1.8mm, and the WSL5931 resistor measures by 15mm by 7.75mm with a height profile of 1.73 mm. A proprietary processing technique produces low resistance values ranging from 0.2m to 4.0m with tight tolerances of 1% and 5%.

Vishay says the devices have an all-welded construction that contributes to their electrical performance. The WSL3921 and WSL5931 provide low inductance of 0.5nH to 5nH, frequency response, and low thermal EMF. They are also claimed to provide good overload capability, using the PCB as a cooling device, and long-term stability across a range of conditions.

The WSL3921 and WSL5931 resistors enable designers to use less-expensive ICs and a single, low-value resistor in place of multiple high-value resistors running in parallel.

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