Engineering Hall of Fame

At the end of each year, the editors of Electronic Design nominate new candidates for our Engineering Hall of Fame, and then select a group of new inductees based on level of contribution, industry impact, lasting achievement and feedback from our readers. We would like to thank all the engineers and other readers who help us in this process, for sharing your enthusiasm, and for your support of us and these important innovators. We are proud to salute these legends on your behalf.


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Paul Allen: Sharp Programming And Shrewd Deals Build An Industry Titan

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and well-known philanthropist, is inducted into Electronic Design's Engineering Hall of Fame.
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Daniel S. Bricklin and Bob Frankston: Engineers Add Up To Early Spreadsheet Success

Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, the inventors of VisiCalc the first personal computer spreadsheet, are inducted into the Electronic Design Engineering Hall of Fame.
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C. Lester Hogan: Chemist Mixes The Right Formula For Electronics Success

C. Lester Hogan, a VP at Motorola during the late 1950's and the CEO of Fairchild Camera & Instrument during the late 1960's and years afterwards, has been inducted into Electronic...
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Green, Haggerty, Jonsson, and McDermott: Bold Business Venture Lays The Foundation For Industry Icon

Texas Instruments cofounders Cecil Green, Patrick Haggerty, Jon Jonnson, and Eugene McDermott combined their individual talents to forge one of the industry's most significant...
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Irving Langmuir: Shining An Efficient Light On Surface Chemistry

Irving Langmuir's work in surface chemistry led to his invention of the high-vacuum tube, more efficient electric lamps, the hydrogen blowtorch, and many other innovations.
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Jay Last: Revolutionary Designer Spearheads The IC’s Early Days

As a member of the Traitorous Eight, Jay Last was one of Fairchild Semiconductor's earliest leaders and led the R&D group that produced the first integrated circuits, among other...