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Adapter Permits High-Density Ball-Grid-Array Prototyping

The PA-BGA228D-P-Z-01 is a ball-grid-array (BGA) prototyping adapter that permits the prototyping of high-density BGAs with standard through-hole prototyping methods. It provides an open-top zero-insertion-force (ZIF) socket for easy BGA chip replacement on top, and an array of 0.10-in. center pins on the bottom. This 16-by-16 array features a 0.050-in. pitch. And, it's available with a wire-wrap subbase if desired. Priced at $490, delivery comes in three to five days.

Ironwood Electronics Inc., P.O. Box 21151, St. Paul, MN 55121; (800) 404-0204; fax (651) 452-8400; [email protected]; www.IronwoodElectronics.com.

TAGS: Components
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