Cool Package Will Handle Twice The Current

STMicroelectronics and Siliconix concluded an agreement whereby ST will license a new power MOSFET packaging technology from Siliconix. The new package provides good thermal performance via top and bottom heat-dissipation paths in systems using forced-air cooling.

Offered by Siliconix under the PolarPAK name, the package's leadframe and plastic encapsulation are similar to those used for most standard power MOSFET packages. But because the package dissipates heat very efficiently, it can handle twice the current within the same footprint dimensions, say the companies.

"With the size of dc-dc converters continuing to shrink, it has become a challenge to dissipate the heat generated by various components on the PCB," says Ian Wilson, manager of the Power MOSFET Division, STMicroelectronics. "Advances in packaging need to be developed in tandem with silicon technology improvements. The PolarPAK package, with its superior thermal handling capability, represents an evolution in assembly technology, allowing designers to increase efficiency and power density."

This package technology will complement ST's range of STripFET MOSFETs optimised for power conversion in computer, datacom, and telecom applications.

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