Tyco designs card edge connector for PCI Express

Tyco Electronics has designed a 1mm centreline Card Edge Connector to meet the point-to-point, full duplex, I/O Bus standard for PCI Express architecture. The PCI Express standard was introduced to allow customers to attain the high bandwidth needed for ever-faster equipment.

Applications for the Tyco Electronics Card Edge Connector include graphics cards in serial bus applications, I/O client cards for applications requiring higher speeds than the PCI Bus computers (desktop and server) and telecoms switches and routers.

The Card Edge Connector is available for all standard PCI Express slot sizes (x1, x4, x8 and x16) and comes with plastic locating posts or metal hold-downs. It is also available in either straddle-mount or right angle configurations and with three different tail lengths—2.3mm, 3.1mm and 3.56mm.

TAGS: Components
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