V•I Chips Get a Through-Hole Option

All of Vicor’s V•I Chips, including MIL-COTS, now feature a through-hole packaging option. This is in addition to existing surface- mount (SMT) compatible packaging, which in effect doubles the available range.

Through-hole products are electrically and thermally identical to the SMT versions, and are compatible with both hand-soldering and wave solder techniques. As a result, they’re suited for fast prototyping or large production runs. Through-hole assembly facilitates multichip cold-plate or heatsink mounting, and makes system assembly simpler, faster, and cheaper.

The new through-hole packaging option is compatible with both leaded and lead-free solder. For the MIL-COTS market, this option aligns with the Vicor MIL-STD MFIAM filters for a complete solution.

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