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µC Family Adds Siblings

Enlarging the H8 Tiny family of 16-bit MCUs, the H8/36902G and H8/36912G devices come armed with an oscillator with 1% frequency deviation, a low-voltage detect function, and a 10-bit a/d converter in 32-pin packages. Both devices are designed for use in home appliances, i.e., washers, dryers and cooking ranges, where they can replace electromechanical and discrete electrical components. Running at 12 MHz, they are based on an H8/300H CPU core with a 64 KB address space and provide up to 8 KB of flash or mask ROM and up to 1.5 KB of RAM. Other features include a main clock oscillator, eight-bit timer, 16-bit timer with input-capture/output-compare and PWM mode, a four-channel, 10-bit a/d converter, watchdog timer, synch/asynch serial communications channel, and power-on reset and LVD functions. Prices for the H8/36902G and H8/36912G are $1.75 and $1.60 each/10,000, respectively. RENESAS TECHNOLOGY AMERICA INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 382-7407.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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